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A new truck is rolling into town and it’s not your old fashioned greasy spoon or chip wagon. It’s the Gourmet Bitches food truck bringing fine fare and healthy options to the local mobile food scene.

Gourmet Bitches founder Shontelle Pinch has always had a passion for entertaining, cooking and socializing. The idea for her food truck came about when the culinary innovator, who have always hosted wildly popular dinner parties, started receiving dozens of requests for their talents at barbecues, pool parties and social events.

Shontelle Pinch

Shontelle has worked in the hospitality industry for 17 years and grew up in a health conscious environment of organic foods and elaborate meals, made strictly with the healthiest and freshest ingredients. She incorporates gluten, dairy, soy and spelt free options into every dish she creates, having lived her life with personal struggles with gluten intolerance.